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Near vision test card

Near Vision Test Card. Near Vision - 16" distance card for testing and screening visual acuity faster. Front: eye chart. Back: newspaper article. Size: 5 3/8" x 8. The J1 paragraph on a Jaeger card typically is considered the near vision equivalent of 20/20 visual acuity on a distance eye chart. On some Jaeger cards, the. be alarmed when the child does not see well during the distance visual acuity test. When examining normally sighted children, hold the card at 40cm (16 in), the.

16'' test card for FASTER testing and screening of visual activity. Test card is made of a durable, plastic finish which can be washed. Printing on both sides. SLOAN Multiple Group Near Vision Testing Card Single Sided. Two smaller groups 2M to for repetitive testing (20/, 6/30 to 20/10, 6/3 equiv.). Tumbling "E" Runge Pocket Near Vision Test Card. The back side of the card includes the chart legend, mm ruler, pupil gage and acuity notations. Buy online.

Improve visual acuity testing with the Adult Sloan Near Vision Test Card. Front/ back card features continuous text to better identify near-vision problems. Near Vision Card Excellent 16 distance card for testing and screening visual acuity quickly. Protective plastic card provides a washable, long lasting finish. Fig. 2 (Bock). The rim holding the graft. good needle, the placing of the single- armed sutures is really easy. Soft (older) corneas may require a little.


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