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24 Mar Yesterday was the first time i smoked purple weed.I purchased an eight of this danky weed boi was it sumthing i was not expecting first off i. Yesterday I my friend and I smoked purple kush, It was my first time smoking purple. We smoked about 4 bowls and a joint (I think, I can't really. 22 Jul “Purple kush where do i start lets see smoked a bowl of this and my body went straight into a relaxed state. It felt lovely, i decided to smoked.

Purple Kush eases users straight into physical relaxation. Smokers may appreciate the calming effects of music or of tactile surroundings. P.s. Really sorry this is so long. So my first two times smoking, nothing really happened. Got a buzz at most. Third time I got purple kush (didn't. 25 Apr Most tokers who started smoking chronic before dispensaries showed up have fond memories of Purple Kush but who knows if that's what it.

Purple Kush has an earthy woody smell that blossoms into fruity flavors of sweet grape when smoked. The taste of Purple Kush is a real treat. Though it looks. Purple Kush Lyrics: Purple Kush blower (I'm a) / Purple Kush smoker (I'm a) / Purple Kush blower (I'm a) / Purple Kush smoker (I'm a) / Purple Kush blower (I'm . 2 Jun Discover the complete guide to the Purple Kush marijuana strain; all the cannaiseurs, beginner smokers, casual consumers and beyond.


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