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On a new Moto G4 the Dropbox app has no "star" mechanism, instead you enable the "allow offline access" option, and the actual location this. 23 Jan Where are the offline files stored on Android, and how is that location exactly what you're trying to find out, as I need exact paths at all times. 13 Mar Easy solution to transfer files between your Android and PC is use some cloud service or external memory card. We are talking about Dropbox.

On my Galaxy 4 the installation location for my DropBox folder Device Storage/ DocumentSync. In the file manager, this full pathway displays as. Automatic syncing while the app is in the background is not currently supported. The only exception is when Android devices are connected to power, offline files . For example, if you have an Excel file in a path that is characters long, Dropbox will sync it to your computer. However, when you try to open it in Excel.

Some endpoints, as noted in the individual endpoint documentation below, can accept IDs in addition to normal paths. A path relative to a folder's ID can be. Dropbox sync and file uploads are automatic, but may take a while, depending on the size of the file or folder. Learn how to check the status of sync and uploads . I need to copy some files from sdcard to system dropbox folder from a shell script, for that i need to hardcode the absolute path of the system.


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